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Press Forming

Press Forming is a process whereby the sheet is heated away from the tooling, then transported from the heat source to the tooling. It is then clamped in position and a male plug presses the sheet into the desired shape. Various subsidiary techniques exist for extending the limitations of the process such as vacuum assistance and blank feed in.


The materials most suitable for this process are cast acrylics and pressed rigid PVC. These materials when at their optimum forming temperature become thermo elastic, and exert a considerable resistive force against the tooling.

When heated they can be stretched like rubber and will revert to their original shape when the forming force is removed during the time that they are at the forming temperature.

  Vacuum Forming

These materials can only be formed by atmospheric pressure into simple shapes such as domes or hemispheres. However, if more detail is required pressures of up to 10 atmospheres may be needed.

Using specialised hydraulic presses Arrow manufacture extremely large pressed mouldings, lettering and signage often used by popular fast food chains and supermarkets.